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mepBLITz DC – i5 Weld Cleaner

$ 5,999.99 Excl GST

The mepBLITz DC – i5 is the fastest and most powerful electropolishing unit available in the world today. This complete set up has a number of included items and provides the perfect tool for serious weld cleaning jobs.


Product Description

This highly reliable weld cleaning unit has “Patented Inverter Technology” which allows it to deliver up to 150 amps of cleaning speed which is three times the speed of its predecessor and by far the fastest machine worldwide.

The mepBLITz DC – i5 also provides an optional bath add on for smaller intricate weld pieces. The bath is liquid cooled and holds 40 litres of polishing solution and is an extremely cost effective alternative to the sending off and waiting on return of parts.
Proudly Australian made in all stainless steel construction and only weighing 10 kgs dry, less than half the weight of its predecessor. Most machines on the market can only polish at a speed of 15 to 35 amps compared with the blistering speed of the new mepBLITz DC – i5. If you want the best in quality finish and speed then you need the new mepBLITz DC – i5.

Included with your mepBLITz DC -i5 machine;mepBLITz DC -i5

1 x Stainless steel clamp and lead complete,

1 x Brush handle (M-style) and lead complete,

1 x M-style to Standard brush adaptor,

1 x 1lt bottle of coolant (blue),

1 x Standard Brush and

1 x adaptor tube and fitting (for running from 5 or 20lt bottle).


mepBLITz DC -i5 Brochure


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