EASYkleen TEC Weld Cleaner

$ 1,710.00 Excl GST

This economical unit is the base model of the EASYkleen range and designed for light to medium TIG work.

Product Description

The EASYkleen TEC is the base model in the EASYkleen range designed for light to medium use.
Lightweight and highly portable, the TEC is a great unit for the fabricator who mostly does light gauge (1-3 mm) TIG work, but will work on all thicknesses.
With a range of brushes to cover all types of weld geometry and with up to 60 amps of available this economical unit has DC output power, the TEC is a very cost effective whilst still providing the benefits of the electro-polishing process.

Part Number EKT101 Includes:
1 x EASYkleen TEC Machine
1 x Express Brush (EKT105)
1 x Rapid Brush (EKT106)
1 x TIP-E Brush (EKT140)
1 x Handle & Lead Set (EKT110)
1 x Power Lead (EKT111)
1 x Clamp & Lead Set (EKT112)
1 x Manual


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