Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

EKP-50 Weld Cleaning Solution MSDS
The EKP-50 Weld cleaning solution is used with the EASYkleen range of mobile electropolishing machines.

B-50 Polishing Solution MSDS
The B-50 Polishing Solution is used with the mepBLITz DC -I5 weld cleaning machine.

B-30 Polishing Solution MSDS
The B-30 Polishing Solution is the original solution for earlier mepBLITz machines with the boot electrode.

Eco-Kleen Weld Cleaning Solution MSDS
A pH neutral solution developed for sensitive environments such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. To be used with the EASYkleen PLUS machine.

BLITz Clean-up Neutraliser MSDS
The BLITz Clean-Up Neutraliser is an essential product. To be used after the electropolishing process to remove any left over solution from workpiece and therefore avoid any white frosting marks appearing later.