EASYkleen Mark 1 Kit

$ 459.99 Excl GST

Product Description

The EASYkleen Mark 1 kit can be used on any of the EASYkleen range.
It will mark, etch and or plate. Choose the appropriate electrolyte for the job at hand
and using the unique roller system to imprint on the mask.
The roller system is the notable difference to others on the market. It enables smoother mask coverage, rather than dragging the electrode over the mask, which can lead to smudging.
The Mark 1 has the ability to both etch or plate, giving added options on
more materials and a larger range of colour finishes.
The Patented unique roller system eliminates the stencil from smudging.

This Kit includes –

  • Carry Case
  • EASYkleen Mark1 Etching and Plating unit
  • Roller Attachment (Screws straight into your EASYkleen handle)
  • 250ml of Etch Solution

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