EASYkleen PRO S-15 Kit

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Product Description

EASYkleen Pro S-15

The EASYkleen Pro S-15, incorporating the unmatched power of inverter technology with the ease of use of the EASYkleen Plus Brush. Using the same superior inverter technology of the mepBLITz DC-i5 and capable of an impressive 130amps, the EASYkleen Pro S-15 is the ideal unit for fabricators doing regular medium to heavy work.

This unit incorporates a power level dial which gives the user ultimate control in determining the output, which can be easily adjusted depending on a range of variables such as material thickness and desired finish.

With a range of brush consumables to suit every user’s needs, make sure you see this unit in action before purchasing your next weld cleaner, as you will not be disappointed.

 Part Number EKPS15-101 Includes:
1 x EASYkleen Pro S-15 Machine
1 x Pro-S Brush (EKPRO-130)
1 x Pro-M Brush (EKPRO-131)
1 x TIP-PS Brush (EKPRO-133)
1 x Handle & Lead Set (EKPS15-140)
1 x Clamp & Lead Set (EKPS15-141)
1 x Power Lead (EKPS15-142)
1 x Manual


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