EASYkleen PRO S-15 Kit

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The EASYkleen Pro S-15 is the latest machine to hit the weld cleaning market. Lightweight inverter driven, the S-15 has 125 amps of available power. The power is controlled by a single power level dial which gives the user ultimate current control from the thinnest gauge TIG welds right through to the heaviest MIG welds.


Product Description

EASYkleen Pro S-15

The EasyKLEEN PRO is the most recent development in weld cleaning technology. This machine has the ability to work on 110v or 240v input and with a power control feature this machine can work at various speeds to the users desire.

There are two brushes that are specially designed for use with the EASYKleen Pro S-15

  • EASYkleen Pro-S Brush (Black)
    • Is an all-purpose brush, it’s good for access to deep and acute corners and detailed work. It’s good for TIG welds and irregular profile welds. It also has an optional silicone sleeve for precision cleaning.
  • EASYkleen Pro-M Brush (Blue and Black)
    • The MIG brush delivers high current (when soaked in solution) across a large area of the work piece. It is best for thicker gauge material, MIG welds, large profile welds and when there is a large heat-affected zone. It cleans quickly because it also holds more solution and has more consistent application of energy for cleaning. Best used at 70 degrees to work piece.



  • Case Dimensions: 400mm x 320mm x 180mm
  • Weight: 9 KG without leads
  • Electrical Specification:
    • Input 110-240v, 50-60 Hz
    • 3500 watts
    • NLV >35
  • 10 meter work span
  • Thermal Overload, Primary Overload
  • Case Material: High impact structural polymer, resists acid attack


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